Peltier-Type Thermo-con/Rack Mount Type HECR


・Good space utilization: Mountable in a 19-inch rack
 Saves space by allowing multiple pieces of equipment to be mounted
 together in a rack.
・Temperature stability: ±0.01℃ to 0.03℃
・Set temperature range: 10℃ to 60℃
・Cooling capacity: 200 W, 400 W, 510 W, 800 W, 1 kW, 1.2 kW
・Power consumption: 200 W, 300 W, 400 W

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Technical Data


■Can precisely control the temperature of a heat source or process fluid

Precisely control the temperature of the circulating fluid by using the Peltier device.
Refrigerant-free and environmentally friendly.

■Space-saving design with reduced height

Mountable in a 19-inch rack

The water-cooled type has been added. (800 W, 1.2 kW) NEW
Reduces the amount of exhaust heat by 90%
Suppresses rises in the ambient temperature

■Low-noise design: 48 dB (Water-cooled)

This product generates less vibration, dust, and noise due to its lack of moving parts, such as a compressor. In particular, the water-cooled type is quieter as it uses no fans. For the air-cooled type (excluding the 200 W) as well, noise is reduced by suppressing the number of fan rotations when the cooling load is low.

■Energy-saving design: 200 W (Water-cooled)

■Simple operation

■Drain port provided on the front (800 W, 1 kW, 1.2 kW type)

Draining the circulating fluid is possible without removing the piping.


■Reduces pump maintenance time (Maintenance-free pump)

A mechanical sealless canned pump is used.

As the circulating fluid of the pump cannot leak externally, checks for pump leakage and maintenance of the shaft seal are not necessary.

■Application example for the
water-cooled thermo-con

■Learning control function
(Temperature control by external temperature sensor)

This function adjusts the fluid temperature to the set value with an automatic offset setting. Setting the external temperature sensor at the circulating fluid inlet located just in front of the heat source allows the thermo-con to sample the fluid temperature. This function is effective in automatically adjusting for heat exhaust from piping, etc.

■Construction and Principles

■Application Examples