Regional Logistic Center


SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
33, Tuas Avenue 8, Singapore 639251

Phone: 6861-0888 | Fax: 6861-1889

• Floor area 18,826.14 m2
• 30,000 products variations.
• Over S$40 million stock.
• Highly automated two-tier conveyance system.
• Fast picking & packing process.


SMC Automation (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
(Formerly known as SMC Pneumatics (SEA) Sdn. Bhd.)

Lot 36, Jln Delima 1/1, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Phone : 603 – 5635 0590
Fax : 603 – 5635 0601

The headquarter of SMC Malaysia is located at Subang Jaya (14,852 m2 ) stocked with approximately 30,000 items inventory. In addition, we have capability to ensure quick delivery to customer with support from the Regional Logistic Center in Singapore. Our extensive network of 4 sales offices and more than 30 distributors meet customers’ needs, thus ensuring prompt delivery and quick services across the country.

Main Inventory

Directional Control EquipmentAK, AKM, AV, LV*, PA, PB, SGC, SJ*, SQ, SX, SV, SY, SYA, SZ, VC*, VEX, VF*, VG, VH, VHK, VHS, VJ, VJA, VK, VM, VN*, VP*, VQ*, VR, VS*, VT*, VX*, VY, VZ*, XT*
ActuatorC55, C65, C7*, C8*, C9*, CP9*, CA*, CB*, CC*, CG*, CJ*, CK, CL*, CM*, CNG, CPA, CQ*, CR*, CS*, CU, CUJ, CV3, CX*, CY3, CZ, D-, J-, L*, MA, MB*, MF, MG*, MH*, MI*, MK, MLU, MQ*, MRHQ, MSQ, MSU, MSZ, MU, MX*, MY1, NC*, RB*, REA, RHC, RJ, RLQ, RQ, RS*, ZCU
Modular FRL / Air Preparation EquipmentAC*, AD*, AF, AFD, AFM, AK, AKM, AL, ALF, ALT, AMC, AMH, AMJ, AMP, AMR, AP, AR, ARB, ARG, ARJ, ARM, ARP, ARX, AUX, AV, AW, AWD, AWM, IR, IW
Fitting and Tubing / Flow Control EquipmentAQ, AS*, DE*, DHF, D*, G, H, IQ, KA, KB, KC, KDM, KE, KF, KG, KJ, KK*, KM, KN, KP, KQ, KR, KS, KW, KX, L*, M, MS, S, T, TA, TB, TCU, TD, TE, TFU, TG, TH, TIA, TIU, TK, TL, TM*, TP, TQ, TR*, TS, TU*, TW
Vacuum EquipmentGZ, PS, XL*, XM, XY, ZB, ZCU, ZF*, ZH, ZK, ZL, ZM, ZP*, ZQ, ZR, ZS*, ZU
Electric EquipmentIS*, IT, ITV, PF*, PFM, PPA, PSE
Air purification EquipmentAFF, AM, AMD, AME, AMF, AMG, IDF*, IDG, IDU*, IDK
Electric ActuatorLE*, EMY, LC, LAT*, LX
OthersAEP, AN*, AT, CH*, FG*, FH, FQ, HE*, HR*, IL, IP, IZ*, SF*, SR*, VBA, VMG

Inventory Management

Fast Delivery

Next Day Delivery
Strong Inventory

On Time Delivery

Local Production Cylinder
Short lead time
Third working day delivery

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