Serial Transmission System EX500


For Input/Output, Gateway Type
∗The applicable protocols differ depending on the series.
 For details, refer to the catalog of each series.
∗ The EX500-GDN1 series was discontinued in March 2021.
 Please select the EX260-SDN series, EX600-SDN series.

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Technical Data


■Gateway decentralized system 2 (128 Points)

Two valve manifolds can be connected to one branch port.

SI Unit has a built-in setting switch which switches the number of outputs (32 points / 16 points) of the valve manifold connected to the SI Unit. By setting the number of outputs to 16 points, two valve manifolds can be installed to one branch port.

Web server function

Valve operation test (ON/OFF), connection diagnostic between valve manifold and Input Unit, and short-circuit diagnostic of input device can be performed on a Web browser.
A password can be used for the valve operation test (ON/OFF) for security.

No need to set the address

I/O mapping for the SI Unit and Input Unit is set by the Gateway Unit automatically.
The Unit installation order is not specified.
(The upper limit of the inputs / outputs is 32 points for one branch port.)

Accessories can be ordered together.

Accessories including cables and connectors can be ordered together to SMC.
Time for selecting parts, ordering and managing lead time can be reduced.

Applicable to output devices other than valve manifold.

By using output block, lights and buzzers can be operated.

Specified valve manifold can be controlled by supplying power from a different system.

By using a Y branch connector, power from a different system can be supplied to the SI Unit (valve manifold).

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Applicable Valve Series