5-Port Solenoid Valve VF1000/3000/5000


• Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC)
• Built-in strainer in the pilot valve
• Manifold type no.: VV5F1, VV5F3, VV5F5

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Green Procurement (RoHS)


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Technical Data


Low Wattage Specification Added

Power consumption
0.35 W (Without light)
0.4 W (With light)

Reduced Power Consumption

0.55 w [With power saving circuit]
1.55 w [Standard]
(Conventional: 2.0 W)
※With DC light

Power consumption is reduced by power saving circuit.
Power consumption is decreased by approx. 1/3 by reducing the wattage required to hold the valve in an energized state. (Effective energizing time is over 40 ms at 24 VDC.) Refer to electrical power waveform as shown below.

Built-in Full-wave Rectifier (AC)

Noise reduction
Noise is considerably reduced by changing it to DC mode with a full-wave rectifier.

Reduced apparent power
Conventional: 5.6 VA → 1.55 VA

Built-in strainer in the pilot valve
Unexpected troubles due to foreign matter can be prevented.
Note) Be sure to mount an air filter on the inlet side.