Refrigerated Air Dryer IDF


・Applicable for the high-temperature environments
 Ambient temperature : Max. 45℃
 Inlet air temperature : Max. 65℃
・Increased air flow capacity

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Technical Data


■Applicable for the hightemperature environments

■Increased air flow capacity

■Features ①

■Features ②

■Series Variations


・Cool compressed air output [New]
・Anti-corrosive treatment for copper tube
・With Chinese labels and a Chinese operation manual [New]
・With a heavy-duty auto drain
・With an earth leakage breaker
・ With a terminal block for operating, error, and remote operation signals
・With a timer controlled solenoid valve type auto drain

■Optional accessories

・Foundation bolt set
・Piping adapter
・Bypass piping set [New]

■Protect Pneumatic Equipment from Moisture!

An air dryer removes the vapor from the moist compressed air delivered by the compressor and prevents it from causing the pneumatic equipment to fail.