Refrigerated Air Dryer/Double Energy Saving Function Series IDF100FS/125FS/150FS


・Energy-saving design (Second re-heater + Digital scroll compressor)
・Power consumption: Reduced by up to 76%
・Exhaust heat: Reduced by up to 25%
・Tolerant of high temperature environments!
・Ambient temperature: Up to 45ºC, Inlet air temperature: Up to 60ºC

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Technical Data


■Energy saving design Second re-heater plus Digital scroll compressor

Operating conditions: The IDF125FS operated in the energy saving operation mode
・Ambient temperature 32°C ・Inlet air temperature 40°C ・Inlet air pressure 0.7 MPa
・Air flow rate = Rated flow x 0.4 ・Power supply frequency 60 Hz ・Power supply voltage 200 V
・Set dew point = 30°C

Effect example: 1 year (Spring to Winter) Power consumption

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■Convenient functions

Clear digital display
(This displays the operation factor (dryer output) as an example.)

Easy-to-see LED even in a dark place Fault diagnosis with alarm codes


ECO switch

Operation mode can be set either in the energy saving operation mode*1 or normal operation mode*2 by using the ECO (economical mode) switch.
In the energy saving operation mode, changing the set dew point can save more energy.

Accumulated running hours display

Helps maintenance control of the dryer.
Gives notice of the maintenance timing etc.

*1. Energy saving operation (ECO LED is ON green): Dew point can be set manually between 10 to 30°C.
*2. Normal operation (ECO LED is OFF): Dew point is fixed to 10°C.


・Reduces maintenance hours by using a stainless steel heat exchanger with higher corrosion resistance.
・Dustproof filter
・Only access from front side is required to check electrical equipment and dustproof filter.

■Selection of layout

・Exhausting direction can be selected from four directions!!
・Auto drain tube can be connected in two directions, left or right.

■Space saving

Can be installed flat against a wall*1!

*1: One side only (either left or right)

Installation space reduced by up to 1.5 ㎡

■Air Dryer Variations