Line Filter AFF/ Mist Separator AM Micro/ Mist Separator AMD/ Activated Carbon Filter AMK


・Modular connection type
・Compressed air purity class: ISO 8573
・Face-to-face and depth dimensions reduced by 30%
・Weight reduced by 50%
 AFF/AM□20: 0.19 kg (Existing model: 0.38 kg)
・Flow capacity increased by 50%
・No tools are required.
 Easy replacement of the element
・Transparent bowl guard (2-layer construction)
・Color-identifiable elements
・With element service indicator

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Technical Data


■Modular Connection Type Compressed Air Preparation Filter/Activated Carbon Filter

■Reduced pressure drop contributes to energy saving.

■Space-saving design and reduced piping labor

■Easier replacement of the element

・Size 50/60: The stopper function prevents the bowl from falling.

The bowl will not fall even if the bolts are loosened. It is not necessary to hold the bowl when removing the bolts. Safe and secure mounting and removing of the bowl with both hands is possible. The lightweight stainless bowl with reduced thickness allows for easier element replacement.

・Size 20 to 40: No tools are required.

Easy replacement of the element is possible as the element and the bowl are in one piece.
Replacement can be done in hand.

■The time for replacement can be checked visually.New


Max. 50% lighter (Compared with existing products)
0.19 kg ← 0.38 kg

■Color-identifiable elements

This eliminates the accumulation of condensate. Even high-velocity fluid is not spattered. The result is a compact bowl design.

■Transparent bowl guard (2-layer construction) ∗ Size 20 to 40 only

・The inside is visible from 360°.
・The bowl is completely protected from the environment, allowing for improved safety.


■Compliant with ISO 8573 Compressed Air Purity Class

■Certified by a third party organization

■Simple Specials System

A system designed to respond quickly and easily to your special ordering needs
For modular connection units (shipped assembled), the simple specials system can be used.

Please contact your local sales representative for more details.