Aluminum High Vacuum Angle Valve XL□


・High fluorine resistance
・Minimal outgassing
・Minimal contamination from heavy metals

∗ The XLA(V)/C/F(V)/G with flange sizes of 16 to 80 has been
discontinued in September 2017.
 Please select the XLA(V)-2/XLC-2/XLF(V)-2/XLG-2 series.

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Technical Data


■Aluminum High Vacuum Angle Valve

■Aluminum bodied

Uniform baking temperature

Excellent thermal conductivity results in a uniform temperature for the entire valve body and a marked decrease in the condensation of gases inside the valve.

Lightweight, Compact

Large conductance, small body, excellent resistance against fluorine corrosion (body)

Low outgassing

Low outgassing makes it possible to use a lower capacity pump and also to shorten exhaust time.

Little heavy metal contamination

The valve does not contain heavy metals such as Ni (nickel) or Cr (chrome) and a low sputtering yield also helps to minimize heavy metal contamination of semiconductor wafers.

■Possible to replace the bellows
(Bellows seal type)

Bellows assembly can be replaced which reduces maintenance costs and waste materials.

■A model with a solenoid valve has been added. New

■A heat-resistant 2-color indicator solid state auto switch is available for models with a heater. (Option) New

・Ambient temperature: Max. 150° C (Sensor)
・2-color indicator

■Heater is available for option.

For 100/120° C

■Auto switches are mountable from 4 directions.

■High Vacuum Angle Valve Series Variations