Air Slide Table MXQ□


・Height: 10% reduction (27 mm: Existing model 30 mm)
・Product weight: 22% reduction (298 g: Existing model 380 g)
・Allowable kinetic energy: 64% improvement
 (0.09 J: Existing model 0.055 J)

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Technical Data


■Reduced in height and weight with thinner table

Reduced in height: 10% reduction (27 mm reduction, Current model: 30 mm)
Product weight: 22% reduction (298 g, Current model: 380 g)
Allowable kinetic energy: 64% improvement (0.09 J, Current model: 0.055 J)

∗ Comparison between the double-ported type and the current MXQ12-30 (without adjuster)

■2 combinations of guide and cylinder bore size available

Select the best actuator with guide according to the application.

■Other features

Stroke adjuster (Option)

Allowable kinetic energy improved

Table configuration for better function and easier maintenance

The mounting dimensions are equivalent to the current MXQ series.

Various adjusters (Option)

It is possible to combine an extension stroke end adjuster and a retraction stroke end adjuster.

Shorter total length type table is now available.

Compact auto switch is now available.

・Reed auto switch: D-A9□, D-A9□V
・Solid state auto switch: D-M9□(A), D-M9□W

Made to order options have been added. New

・Dual stroke specification
・Side adjuster specification
・Combined use of shock absorber + metal stopper, etc.

■Functional Options

With buffer mechanism

With end lock

Axial piping

Centralized adjuster