Shock Absorber RJ


・Max. operating cycles: 10 million cycles
・Stops transferred objects gently
・Lineup features from M6 to M27
・Compatible with the RB series in terms of mounting
・Applicable models can be selected depending on
 the operating speed.
 L type: 0.05 to 1 m/s
 H type: 0.05 to 2 m/s
 Short stroke type: 0.05 to 1 m/s

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Technical Data


■Long service life and work step saving achieve the cost reduction.

Long service life reduces the maintenance work steps to one-third or less.

As the maximum number of operating cycles is increased significantly, the replacement cycles are reduced. This achieves the reduction of the running cost.

■Stops Softly

Smooth shock absorption characteristics are provided. Shock is relaxed at the stroke end.

As the shock absorption characteristics are improved, the durability is improved. At the same time, the product is applicable to a wide variety of workpieces.

■Rich variation

A smooth absorption characteristic is achieved by adopting the unique orifice mechanism to ease the impacts on conveyed objects.

*Reference values when cylinder thrust is 157N.
Absorbing time varies depending on cylinder collision conditions.

■Lineup M6-M27

3 sizes M6,M20,M27 are added

A wider range of usage is possible by the addition of the three size. A type with cap is also available.

●Mounting interchangeable with the RB series.

■Production structure/Option

The product is applicable a wide variety of workpieces using various options.

■Two types of absorbed energy are available as standard.

Selectable in accordance with impact mass and collision speed

Soft type and short stroke type are available as standard so as to be selectable according to usage conditions
(impact mass, collision speed).

■Pre-load mechanism working principle

Hydraulic oil in the oil pocket is suppled into the pressure chamber by elasticity of the accumulator to replenish the slight decrease of oil caused by operations.

■Series RJ mounted cylinders

The shock absorber/soft type Series RJ is mounted on the standard cylinder. This ensures soft stopping at the stroke end. For details, see
SMC’s general catalog.

■Shock Absorbers Series Variations