Rotary Actuator CRB2/CDRB2


・It is possible to move the auto switch mounting position as desired.
・Direct mounting
・Connection port position: Select from side ported or axial ported
 (When a switch and angle adjuster are installed, only the side
 ported is selectable.)
・Low-pressure operation: 0.2 MPa (Size 10), 0.15 MPa (Sizes 15 to 40)
・It is possible to adjust the angle as desired.
・With auto switch (CDRB2 series: CDRB2□W, CDRB2□WU)

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Technical Data


■Many combinations available!

Standard Type/Series CRB2

Free mount type/Series CRBU2

Rotating angle: 90°, 180°, 270°
All series can rotate up to 270°.

The use of specially designed seals and stoppers now enables our compact vane type rotary actuators to rotate up to 270°. (Single vane type)

Interchangeable mounting pitch with the current model

Mounting pitches A to C shown and mounting hole diameters are interchangeable with the current model.

Shaft type variations

Six shaft options available(∗The figures below show size 30 actuators.)

Direct mounting

The rotary actuator body can be mounted directly.
∗Not possible for size 10 to 40 with unit(s)

The mounting position of the auto switch can be set freely.

The switch can be fixed in the desired position in the circumferential direction.

Connecting port location:
Side ported or Axial ported

The port location can be selected according to the application.
(Size 10 to 40 with unit(s) are side ported only.)

Double vane type is standardized for 90° and 100°.

The outside dimensions of the double vane type are equivalent to those of the single vane type (except size 10). Double vane construction can get twice the torque of the single vane type.

Free Mount Type/Series CRBU2

Possible to change the starting position as desired to suit the installation conditions.
Conventional: 4 directions → 8 directions

12% weight reduction

Lighter installation can be achieved.

Interchangeable mounting with the current model

Six types of direct mounting are possible.