Normal Close High Vacuum Solenoid Valve XSA


・For Air, Vacuum, Water, Oil
・Manifold type no.: VVXA31, VVXA32

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Technical Data


■Minimum operating pressure:1×10-6Pa(abs)

■Leakage:Internal 1.3×10-9Pa・m3/s, External 1.3×10-11Pa・m3/s

■2 types of fitting and female threads available

Face seal fitting

A fitting with high leak integrity from vacuum to positive pressure, that forms a seal through the placement of a metal gasket at the end of the sleeve and the tightening of the nut.

Compression fitting

A self-aligning tube fitting that uses ferrule rings to compress the tubing, affecting the seal when the nut is tightened.

Female thread(Rc, NPT) [New]

■Power consumption


■Fluid temperature:5 to 60℃

■Reverse pressure potential:0.5 MPa(G)

※ XSA1-12

■Rated voltage