Non-contact Gripper XT661


・Assists in non-contact workpiece transfer
・Max. workpiece suction distance: 10 mm
・2 types are available:
Cyclone type: High lift: Max. 44 N
Bernoulli type: Amplitude of the workpiece during gripping: ±0.01 mm or less

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■Assist in non-contact workpiece transfer.
■Max workpiece suction distance:10 mm

■Cyclone Type:High lift, Low air consumption, Body material: Al

Original groove-channel design allows cyclone effect with
large suction area and even pressure dispersion!

・High lifting force: Max. 44 N (Outer body diameter: ø100)
・Totaled 5 size: ø20/ø40/ø60/ø80/ø100

・Working Principle

Air is discharged in the whirling direction.

・Various workpiece suction methods are available.

・Can be disassembled and cleaned the inside.

・Made to Order

With urethane pad* (-X207)
* Except ø20
・Mitigation of impacts and prevention of damage during lifting
・No need to install a guide

With multi-port (-X211)
The presence of a workpiece can be
checked by installing a sensor.

■Low Profile Cyclone Type (-X260)

Thickness: 1.8 mm Weight: Approx. 1.3 g*

* Outer body diameter: ø20

・Can be mounted on the end of the robot arm.
・Two sizes (ø20 and ø25) are available.

■Bernoulli Type: Vibration reducing type, Body material: Resin

Original groove-channel design allows the Bernoulli effect with suppressing the amplitude of the workpiece during gripping!
Amplitude of the workpiece during gripping: ±0.01 mm*or less

* Solar battery silicon cell(□125 mm, t = 250 μm)
* In SMC conditions



How to calculate

Working Principle

Air is discharged radially.

Various workpiece suction methods are available.

・Reduction of rotation load * No directionality of whirlwind air
・Standardization of multi-port* * Except ø40
・Can be disassembled and cleaned the inside.

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