High Rigidity Vacuum Pad (Vacuum Suction Cup) ZP3E


・Stable suction position, Improved ease of removal
・Pad form: Flat type with groove, Bellows type with ribs and groove
・Mounting: Male thread, Female thread
・Vacuum inlet direction: Vertical, Lateral
・Vacuum inlet: Male thread, Female thread
・Buffer Without, With
 [Buffer stroke [mm]: 10, 30, 50]

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions

> Vacuum Equipment/Precautions
> Vacuum Pads/Precautions
> Series Variations/Model Selection
> Standard: Mounting Bracket Assembly (p.237-240)
> Ball Joint: Mounting Bracket Assembly (p.241-244)
> Applicable Pad List/Adapter Buffe No.
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Stability of suction position

Groove and rib formed to adsorb with entire surface

・Dents and bumps on the adsorption surface expands the area which is in contact with the workpiece.
・Ribs reduce the inclinations during transport of workpiece.

■Improved ease of removal

■The number of mounting screws reduced

■Can be disposed of separately.

The rubber pad and metal part can be separated.


For use where adsorption marks must not be left on workpieces.

■Suction flow rate increased

Applicable to workpieces with a large suction flow rate and high permeability, and vacuum blow pumps with large suction flow rates.

■Ball joint type pad weight reduced

Weight reduced by changing the internal structure and materials.

■Direct mounting with male thread added

■Pad Unit Variations

■With Adapter Variations