Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinder MY1


・With 5 standardized guide types
・A variety of applications are available based on the load mass and
 required accuracy.

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Technical Data


■With 5 standardized guide types

■Minimal leakage seal construction

The flexible material of the seal belt allows for improved adherence to the cylinder tube, resulting in a reduced leakage amount.
(50% reduction compared with the current product)

■Dust seal band with improved holding force

The seal magnet on the cylinder tube adsorbs the dust seal band with magnetic force, resulting in improved holding force.

The dust seal band can be easily removed for replacement by simply loosening the two holding screws.
Easier maintenance

■Allows for piping to be connected according to installation conditions. Centralized piping type for increased piping freedom

■MY1M and MY1C compatibility guaranteed

With the same outer dimensions and workpiece mounting dimensions, both series are compatible with stroke adjustment units, side supports, auto switches, etc.

■Built-in adjustment bolt and shock absorber, 3 stroke adjustment unit types

■Auto switch wiring storage system To increase safety, auto switch lead wires can be stored to prevent accidental contact with slide tables.

Improved safety and accuracy of the entire system can be achieved by storing auto switch lead wires in the product’s designated lead wire containment grooves.

■Auto switches can be mounted from the front. Contributes to reduction in mounting time.

Auto switches can be mounted from the front at any position on the mounting groove.

■Extremely easy to maintain

It is possible to replace cylinders with a workpiece being mounted.

■Two mounting types, Space saving

The cylinder body can be secured directly from either the top or bottom without the use of mounting brackets. This does not change the overall length dimension.

■MY1 Series Variations