Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder CY1S


・Weight: Max. 15% reduction (0.96 kg: Existing model 1.13 kg)
・Overall length: Max. 15 mm shorter (240 mm: Existing model 255 mm)
・Improved durability: Lube-retainers are mounted on the internal and
 external surfaces of the cylinder tube to maintain lubrication.
・The adjustment bolt improves stroke accuracy/repeatability.

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Technical Data


■Weight reduced Overall length reduced

Weight Max. 15 % reduced

Weight is reduced with the redesign of the slide block and reducing the thickness of the plate.

Overall length Max. 15 mm shortened

240 mm (Existing model 255 mm)(CY1S 40-100 stroke)
Overall length is reduced, but interchangeable with the existing model.

■Improved durability, improves stroke accuracy/repeatability.

Improved durability

Adjustment bolt improves
stroke accuracy/repeatability.

■Other Features

Bilateral piping and centralized piping versions available

3-Options available for stroke adjustment

Improved auto switch mounting

1. Auto switch can be mounted in any desired position. (D-M9□, D-A9□)

2. Auto switch mounting rail fitted as standard
Auto switch rail is suitable for various switch specifications.
Refer to page 1 for applicable auto switches.

Shock absorber

The RJ series soft stop shock absorbers fitted as standard

■Series Variations