Compact Guide Cylinder JMGP


・Compact: Overall length shortened by 30.5 mm, Height
 shortened by 16 mm
・Weight: Max. 69% lighter (0.32 kg → 0.1 kg)
・3 mounting options: Top mounting, Bottom mounting,
 Rear mounting
・Piping is possible in 4 directions.
・The solid state auto switch D-M9□ is mountable.
・Suitable for pushing, lifting, or clamping in a transport line.

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions

> Actuators/Precautions
> Auto Switches/Precautions
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Compact/Shortened overall length: 30.5mm, Shortened height: 16 mm

■Weight up to 69% lighter 0.32 kg ➡ 0.1kg

(Compared with the current MGP-Z series, ø16, 10 mm stroke)

■3 mounting options

■Piping is possible in 4 directions.

■Suitable for pushing, lifting or clamping in a transfer line.