Zero Differential Pressure Type/Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) VXS


・For steam
・Long service life: 3 million cycles (Based on SMC’s test conditions)
・Improved air filtration
・Reduced apparent power: 18 VA → 12 VA, 20 VA → 15 VA
・Reduced coil temperature rise: 120°C → 100°C

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions
> 2 Port Solenoid Valves for Fluid Control Precautions
> Model Selection/Flow Rate Characteristics
> Series Variations/Selection Procedure/Solenoid Valves List/Air Operated Valves List

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Long service life, Improved air filtration, Reduced apparent power, Reduced coil temperature rise

■24 VDC added

■DIN terminal added

■Body material: C37, Stainless steel

■Built-in full-wave rectifier type (AC specification)

・Improved durability

 Service life is extended by the special construction. (compared with current shading coil)

・Reduced buzz noise

 Rectified to DC by the full-wave rectifier, resulting in a buzz noise reduction.

・Low-noise construction

 Specially constructed to reduce the metal noise during operation.