Thermo-dryer with Air Temperature Adjustment Function IDH□


・Stable supply of temperature and pressure controlled dry clean air
 Can supply compressed air with the same conditions and quality regardless of the season
・Application example:
 Supplying compressed air with constant conditions to air bearings mounted on a tool
・Built-in filter
 Nominal filtration: 0.01 μm (99.9% filtration efficiency)
 Outlet oil mist concentration: Max. 0.01 mg/m3 (ANR)
 Outlet cleanliness: Particles of 0.3 μm or more: 3.5 particles/L (ANR) or less
・Compatible with power supplies from around the world Single-phase 100, 200,
 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)

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Technical Data


■Stable supply of temperature and pressure controlled dry clean air!


■Compact, Space saving

■Convenient Functions

Power failure auto-restart function

Even if operation is stopped by unexpected power failure, once the power supply is recovered, the operation will start automatically.
* If an instantaneous power failure occurs, the operation may restart after a few minutes.

Control temperature failure alarm

If the temperature exceeds the set temperature by an arbitrary amount, an error signal will be generated.
* At shipment, if the control temperature exceeds or goes under the set temperature by ±5ºC, an error signal will be generated.

Auto-tuning (A·T) function

The control set values (PID) are automatically set.

Key-lock function

The set value is protected so it will not be changed even if keys are touched by mistake or setting is changed.


■Application Examples