Step Motor Controller JXCL1


・IO-Link version V1.1
・Process data length 14-byte input/22-byte output
・Transmission speed COM3 (230.4 kbps)
・Minimum cycle time 2.4 ms
・IO-Link port type Class A
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Technical Data


■5 types of communication protocols

■Both air and electric systems can be established under the same protocol.

■Two types of operation command

Step no. defined operation: Operate using the preset step data in the controller.
Numerical data defined operation: The actuator operates using values such as position and speed from the PLC.

■Numerical monitoring available

Numerical information, such as the current speed, current position, and alarm codes, can be monitored on the PLC.

■Transition wiring of communication cables

Two communication ports are provided.

* For the DeviceNet™ type, transition wiring is possible using a branch connector.
* 1 to 1 in the case of IO-Link

■IO-Link communication can be performed.

The data storage function eliminates the need for troublesome resetting of step data and parameters when changing over the controller.

●Step data and parameters can be set from the master side.

 Step data and parameters can be set or changed by means of IO-Link communication.

●Data storage function

 When the controller is changed, the parameters and step data for the actuator are automatically set.*1

●4-wire unshielded cables can be used.

*1 The “basic parameter” and the “return to origin parameter” are automatically set as the actuator parameters, and the 3 items of data consisting of No. 0 to 2 are automatically set as the step data.

■System Construction