Stainless Steel Type Speed Controller with Indicator/In-line Type AS-FSG


・Stainless steel type
・The numerical indication of knob rotations for flow rate
 reduces flow setting time and setting errors.
 Flow rate can be controlled numerically with the
 indicator window.
 4 indicator window directions are available.
・Larger push-lock type knob
・Improved reproducibility of flow rate

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Technical Data


■Numerical indication of knob rotation for flow rate reduces flow setting time and setting errors

■Improved Reproducibility of Flow Rate

Stable knob position when fully closed (no flow rate) onto the contact face stopper (rotating stopper).
Minimal flow rate variations between knob rotations

■Mounting variations

■Easy Identification of Product Type

・By index plate

It is possible to identify the product when multiple controllers are mounted and identify the flow direction by attaching an identification label.

・By color

■Made to Order New
  • Lubricant: Vaseline -X12
  • Grease-free+Restrictor -X21
  • Restrictor -X214
  • Clean Series 10-
■The electroless nickel plating type is standardized.
■The stainless steel type is standardized.
■Series variations

■Push-lock series variations