Speed Exhaust Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JASV


・Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.
・Compact type
 Height: 12.7 mm shorter (49% reduction)
・Effective in preventing condensation
・Applicable for high-speed cylinder actuation
・Push-lock type

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Technical Data


■Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.

■Effective in preventing condensation

When operating an actuator with a small bore size and a short stroke at a high frequency, dew condensation (water droplets) may occur inside the piping depending on the conditions.
Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.
Prevents condensation from generating in the piping by directly exhausting the air in the cylinder to atmosphere

■Applicable for high-speed cylinder actuation

Direct exhaust port relieves air pressure from inside the cylinder regardless of the length of tubing used.

■Possible to adjust flow rate even in narrow spaces

■Easily mounted using a hexagon wrench


■Easy to use push-lock type

Locked and unlocked states can be easily confirmed.

■Easier and consistent flow setting

■Available with the mounting stud on the left side or the right side

■Easy identification of product type