Separate Controller Ionizer/Bar Type/Nozzle Type IZT40/41/42/43


・The controller and high-voltage power supply module can be mounted separately.
・Space saving: Height 37 mm x Width 30 mm (Bar type)
 Thickness 16 mm x Width 53 mm x Height 32 mm (Nozzle type)
・One controller can control a maximum of 4 ionizers.
・Potential amplitude: 25 V or less
・Rapid static neutralization: Fastest time of 0.1 s
・3 types of emitter cartridges
 High speed static neutralization cartridge
 Energy saving static neutralization cartridge
 Energy saving high-efficiency cartridge
・Static neutralization is possible even when air is not being supplied.
・IO-Link Compatible

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> Flow Switch Series Variations

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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