Refrigerated Air Dryer/For Use in Southeast Asia IDFC□


・Applicable for the high-temperature environments of tropical regions
・Can be used in high-temperature environments
Ambient temperature : Max. 45℃
Inlet air temperature : Max. 65℃
Dew point range : 3℃ to 20℃
・Air flow capacity : 9.2 m3/min (52% increase compared to the current model)
・Power supply voltage : Single-phase 230 VAC (50 Hz)

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Technical Data


■Applicable for the high-temperature environments of tropical regions


■Can be used in hightemperature environments

Applicable to high-temperature environments in Southeast Asia

■Increased air flow capacity

Maximum dew point: 20°C

■New stainless steel heat exchanger helps reduce the load of the compressor

■Easier maintenance

● The red zone indicates an overload operation.
Can be used to check for high operating conditions Can notify you when the dustproof filter requires cleaning

■Auto Drain Valve Longer life, Higher resistance to foreign matter

■Series Variations


・Anti-corrosive treatment for copper tube
・With Chinese labels and a Chinese operation manual [New]
・With a heavy-duty auto drain
・With an earth leakage breaker
・ With a terminal block for operating, error, and remote operation signals
・With a timer controlled solenoid valve type auto drain

■Optional accessories

・Foundation bolt set
・Piping adapter
・Bypass piping set [New]

■Selecting an ideal product for maximum energy savings

By choosing a dew point that is too low, you may have selected an air dryer with higher capabilities than necessary.
Selecting a dryer with specifications appropriate for the operating environment can allow for savings in energy and space.