Multi-Axis Step Motor Controller JXC73/83/92/93


・Speed tuning control
・Linear/circular interpolation
・Positioning/pushing operation
・Absolute/relative position coordinate instructions
・Step data input (Max. 2048 points)
・Space saving, reduced wiring

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Technical Data


■Linear/circular interpolation

■Positioning/pushing operation

■Step data input (Max. 2048 points)

■Absolute/relative position
coordinates instructions

■Speed tuning control*1

*1 This controls the speed of the slave axis when the speed of the main axis drops due to the effects of an external force and when a speed difference with the slave axis occurs. This control is not for synchronizing the position of the main axis and slave axis.

■Space saving, Reduced wiring

■System Construction

Parallel I/O (JXC73/83)

For 3 Axes System Construction/EtherNet/IPTM Type (JXC92)

For 4 Axes EtherNet/IPTM Type (JXC93)