Low Profile Air Gripper MHF2


・Height dimension reduced to approximately 1/3
・Low profile design that reduces moment generation
・Short, middle, and long strokes are available.
・Compact, but the double piston mechanism provides it with a strong
 gripping force.
・An actuator position sensor compatible type has been added.

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Technical Data


■Height dimension reduced to approximately 1/3 with the same gripping force as the MHZ2-20

■Compact: Height reduced by 66%

72.8 mm → 25 mm (Comparison between the MHF2 (ø12) and the MHZ2 (ø20))

■Stroke selection is available.

3 standard stroke lengths are available for each bore size.
The stroke can be selected according to the workpiece.

■Actuator Position Sensor Compatible Type


■High degree of mounting flexibility

As no brackets are required, the mounting height can be minimized.

■Strong gripping force

The double piston construction allows for a compact design with strong gripping force.