High Speed 2 Port Valve (2 Way Valve) SX10


・High-speed response ON: 0.45 ms, OFF: 0.4 ms (±0.05 ms)
・Long service life: 5 billion cycles or more
・High frequency: 1200 Hz
・Width: 9 mm
・Low power consumption: 4 W

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Technical Data


High speed response: ON 0.45ms, OFF 0.4ms(±0.05ms)

*The response time is measured based on SMC testa conditions. (Not guaranteed values)

■Long service life:
5 billion cycles or more

SMC’s original valve and coil structure realizes a longer product life and requires less maintenance frequency.

(50 L/min type, 24 VDC, 0.25 MPa. Based on SMC life test conditions.)

■ Low power consumption: 4 W

Continuous energization for extended periods is possible.

■High frequency: 1200 Hz

Good followability and response to successive electrical signal input. Continuous operation possible.

■2 mounting types

Compact and Space-saving

*The manifold base should be prepared by users.

■Reduction in installation labor
(Quick disconnect type)

■Coil temperature rise: 5°C
(4 W type)

■Filter attached type available


All models have the same body size.