High-Precision Digital Pressure Switch ZSE20B(F)-L/ISE20B-L


・IO-Link version V1.1
・Process data length 2-byte input
・Transmission speed COM2 (38.4 kbps)
・Minimum cycle time 2.3 ms
・IO-Link port type Class A

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Technical Data


■Setting is possible while checking the measured value.

■The IO-Link compatible type has been added to the 20B series. New

■Improved Operability

● Visualization of Settings

The sub screen (label) shows the item to be set.

● Simple 3-Step Settings

When the S button is pressed and the set value (P_1) is being displayed, the set value (threshold value) can be set.
When the S button is pressed and the hysteresis (H_1) is being displayed, the hysteresis value can be set.

● Now with a snap shot function for set value reading

● Easy Screen Switching It is possible to change the settings while checking the measured value.

● 3 Setting Modes Select the setting mode that best meets your needs.

● Other Sub Screen Display
The peak value or bottom value, or both values can be displayed on one screen!

* Peak and bottom values are maintained even if the power supply is cut.

■Delay Time : 1.5 ms*1 or less

* 1 Select from 1.5 ms or less, 20 ms, 100 ms, 500 ms, 1000 ms, 2000 ms, or 5000 ms.

■Convenient Functions

■Compact & Lightweight

■Improved Installability

Connector type Wiring is possible after piping has been connected.



The bracket configuration allows for mounting in four orientations.

■IO-Link Compatible ZSE20B(F)-L/ISE20B-L

Visualization of operation/equipment status/Remote monitoring and control by communication

Implement diagnostic bits in the process data.

The diagnostic bit in the cyclic process data makes it easy to find problems with the equipment.
It is possible to find problems with the equipment in real time using the cyclic (cycle) data and to monitor such problems in detail with the noncyclic (aperiodic) data.

Display function

Displays the output communication status and indicates the presence of communication data

■For General Fluids ZSE20C(F)/ISE20C(H)

● Stainless diaphragm

Oil-free (Single-layer diaphragm structure)
Sensor unit: Stainless steel 630
Fitting parts: Stainless steel 304

A stainless steel 316L option is also available for the sensor unit and fitting parts.

● Enclosure: IP65

● Leakage

<Face seal and compression fitting>
<Threaded type (R, Rc, NPT, G)>

● Select from 2 Piping Directions.

● Welded structure for sensor units and fitting parts

Select from a face seal or compression fitting.

● Applicable Fluid Examples

  • Water
  • Hydraulic fluid (JIS-K2213)
  • Silicone oil (JIS-K2213)
  • Lubricant (JIS-K6301)
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Argon
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Air-containing drainage
  • Nitrogen

Made to Order

・Parts in Contact with Fluid:Stainless Steel 316L
This pressure switch has increased corrosion resistance due to the use of stainless steel 316L for the parts in contact with fluid (pressure sensor and fitting).

・Restrictor-installed Fitting (-X510)
A pressure switch that has a restrictor installed in the fitting is available to prevent the sensor from being damaged by water hammer or fluid inertia.