High-Precision Digital Pressure Switch ISE7□/7□G


・IO-Link version V1.1
・Process data length 2-byte input
・Transmission speed COM2 (38.4 kbps)
・Minimum cycle time 2.3 ms
・IO-Link port type Class A

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions
> Pressure Switches/Flow Switches/Precautions
> Pressure Switch Series Variations/Application Example
> Glossary of Terms/Technical Information
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■It is possible to change the settings while checking the measured value.

■Visualization of Settings

The sub screen (label) shows the item to be set.

■Angled display

Good visibility from various mounting positions

■Rotating display

■Simple 3-Step Setting

When the SET button is pressed and the set value (P_1) is being displayed, the set value (threshold value) can be set.
When the SET button is pressed and the hysteresis value (H_1) is being displayed, the hysteresis value can be set.

■NPN/PNP Switch Function

Both NPN and PNP are available.The number of stock items can be reduced.

■Other Sub Screen Display

The peak value, bottom value, or both values can be displayed on one screen!

* Peak and bottom values are maintained even if the power supply is cut.

■Convenient Functions

■3 Setting Modes

Select the setting mode that best meets your needs.

■IO-Link Compatible

Visualization of operation/equipment status/Remote monitoring and control by communication

■Introduction of Series

■For General Fluids: Remote Type Variations

■Select either the integrated type or the remote type according to the application.