Gun Type Ionizer IZG10


・Lightweight: Only 200 g (Body weight)
・Reduced operating force, Easy to hold grip
・Lighting LED
・Blow setting function
 Select from continuous blow or pulse blow.
・Rapid static neutralization: 0.3 s (Distance: 150 mm,
 Operating pressure: 0.2 MPa)

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions
> Flow Control Equipment/Precautions
> Series Variation

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Lightweight: Only 200 g (Body weight)

■Blow and trigger setting can be selected.

・Mode setting switch

・Selection of blow setting

・Selection of trigger setting

■With flow adjustment valve (with indicator)

・Flow rate of ionized air can be adjusted on the gun.
・The flow rate can be controlled numerically.

■High visibility LEDs

・Rear mounted LEDs are easy to see during operation.

■Lighting LED

・Easy to find particles on the workpiece

■Easy cleaning and replacement of emitters

■Application Examples