Fieldbus System EX245


• For Input/Output
• AIDA∗ specifications compliant
∗ Abbreviation of the Automation Initiative of German (Deutschland) Automobile
• Push Pull connectors
One-touch installation and removal Reduced wiring time
• Modules can be combined flexibly.

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions

> 3/4/5 Port Solenoid Valves/Precautions
> Fieldbus System Precautions
> Industrial IoT Cybersecurity
> Glossary of Fieldbus Terms
> Series Variations/Applicable Valve Series
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■AIDA* specifications compliant

■Modules can be combined flexibly.

Dual communication and dual power connectors

  • Dual communication connectors allow daisy chain or ring topology for Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). Dual power connectors allow for daisy chain connections avoiding branch or splitter adapters, saving cost and reducing wiring.
  • An external branch connector is not necessary. Reduced wiring space Easy to use one touch AIDA Push Pull connectors (compliant with AIDA specifications) saves time when installing and maintaining.

Fiber-optic cable maintenance alarm

This feature continuously monitors the received light intensity from the fiber-optic cable and reports it to the PLC.
Any loss of intensity is an indicator of damage to the cable so may give a warning before communication is lost.
This allows preventative maintenance and so avoids unplanned shutdowns.

MRP function (Ring wiring)

MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) function:
Even if a communication cable is disconnected or damaged at any location, communication can be continued.
The cable segment that is causing the problem is identified allowing quick and easy replacement.

Fast Start Up function

For the Fast Start Up function, time from power ON to communication connection Approx. 10 sec.→Approx. 0.5 sec. In the case of a tool changer, it takes about 10 seconds for communication to be connected in some products after the power to the device installed on the tool is turned ON. For products which support the Fast Start Up function, communication can be operational even faster.