Direct Operated/Pilot Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve
JSX/JSX□ Series

  • Improved environmental resistance due to the stainless steel coil cover
    [IP67 enclosure]
  • Body material: Stainless steel, Brass/Bronze, Aluminum
  • Environmental resistance: IP67 enclosure
    (IP65 for models with a DIN terminal)
  • Space saving
    Compact: Valve volume reduced by 25% (Compared with the existing model),
    Lightweight: Weight reduced by 30% (Compared with the existing model)
  • Energy saving
    Coil force: 10% increase (Compared with the existing model),
    Power consumption: 14% reduction (Compared with the existing model)
  • 360° lead wire insertion and removal is possible.
  • Can be connected to modular type F.R.L. units (JSXM)

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