Digital Flow Switch Manifold for Water PF3WB/C/S/R


・Applicable fluid: Water, Ethylene glycol aqueous solution
・Space saving
 Footprint Max. 85% reduction
 Weight Max. 65% reduction
・Needs no piping: Work-hour for installation reduced by up to 45%
・IO-Link compatible
・3-color/2-screen display
・Fluid temperature: 0 to 90℃

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions
> Pressure Switches/Flow Switches/Precautions
> Flow Switch Series Variations

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Space saving

Footprint Max. 85% reduction, Weight Max. 65% reduction


■Integrated type and Remote type. Select the flow switch according to your requirements.

●Integrated Type

●Remote Type

■3-color/2-screen display

■Fluid temperature: 0 to 90°C

■Ethylene glycol aqueous solution can be used.


■IO-Link Compatible

■Parts Descriptions and Functions (Integrated Type / Basic Type Construction)