Digital Flow Switch for Water PF3W7□-X445


・IO-Link version V1.1
・Process data length 6-byte input
・Transmission speed COM2 (38.4 kbps)
・Minimum cycle time 3.5 ms
・IO-Link port type Class A

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> Pressure Switches/Flow Switches/Precautions
> Flow Switch Series Variations
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch for Water

■40% smaller than the current product

■Reduced required piping space

■Temperature sensor, Flow adjustment valve

■Fluid temperature: 0 to 90°C


■Ethylene glycol aqueous solution can be used.

■Rotatable display



Added: Measured flow rate 250 L/min type

■3-color display Digital flow monitor: The set value can be copied to up to 10 flow monitors simultaneously


Visually check the status of the sensor via the indicator.

■Connector reduces wiring labor

■PVC piping type

■Supports the IO-Link communication protocol