Compact Vacuum Pad (Vacuum Suction Cup) ZP3


・Overall length shortened
・Pad form: Flat type, Flat type with groove, Bellows type, Bellows type with ribs
・Mounting: Male thread, Female thread
・Vacuum inlet direction: Vertical, Lateral
・Vacuum inlet: Male thread, Female thread, One-touch fitting, Barb fitting
・Buffer: Without, With
 [Buffer stroke [mm]: 3, 6, 10, 15, 20]

Other Data :
> Safety Instructions

> Vacuum Equipment/Precautions
> Vacuum Pads/Precautions
> Series Variations/Model Selection
> Mounting Bracket Assembly (p.162-164)
> Applicable Pad List/Adapter Buffe No.
> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Overall length is shortened.In the case of Flat type (Pad diameter: ø2)

Pad unit:Max. 9 mm shortened

With adapter:Max. 11 mm shortened


ø2 piping reduces working space!


Pad diameter ø1.5 added!

■Excellent functions

Easy to remove

Construction to prevent pad from coming off Pad Easy to remove diameter from ø1.5

Easier identification

Fixing boss allows easy mounting and repeatability.

■Compact buffer body

Overall length is shortened.

Short stroke type: 3 mm added

■Wide selection of piping