Compact Type High Purity Air Operated Chemical Liquid Valve LVD


・Space saving, compact model is available.
 Dimension across inlet/outlet ports: Reduced by up to 29%
・Body material: New PFA
・Diaphragm material: PTFE
・Actuator materials: PPS, PVDF (LVD-F/FN)

Note) Tubing O.D. for the tube extension type

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> Series Variations
> Work Procedure Instructions/LQ1, 2
> Fitting Procedure/LQ3

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Space saving, compact model available

Compact type model is introduced as a new series to complement conventional LVC series with integral fittings.
Select a series according to the flow rate and installation requirements.
Mounting base dimensions conform to SEMI Standard, F65-1101.
(Except for the LVD10 and LVD60)


●Piping from 4 directions are possible.
●Integral clean One-touch fitting construction

●Dimension across inlet/outlet ports:Reduced by up to 29%


●Suck Back

■Material of actuator section: PVDF resin

Series LVD

Series LVD F/FN