3-Screen Display Digital Flow Monitor PFG300


・Can measure up to 12,000 L/min
・While checking the measured value, settings are possible.
・Current consumption: 25 mA or less
・NPN/PNP switch function
・Input range selection (for pressure/flow rate)
・Simple 3-step setting

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> Pressure Switches/Flow Switches/Precautions
> Flow Switch Series Variations

> Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Can measure up to 12,000 L/min!

■Applicable Flow Switch Variations

■Visualization of Settings

The sub screen (label) shows the item to be set.

■Easy Screen Switching

It is possible to change the settings while checking the measured value.

■NPN/PNP Switch Function

The number of stock items can be reduced.

■Analog output of 0 to 10 V is also available.

Voltage output 1 to 5 V Switchable
0 to 10 V
Current output 4 to 20 mA Fixed

■Input Range Selection (for Pressure/Flow rate)

The displayed value to the sensor input can be set as required. (Voltage input: 1 to 5 V/Current input: 4 to 20 mA) Pressure switch/Flow switch can be displayed.


●Output operation
●Simple setting mode
●Display color
●Delay time setting
●Digital filter setting
●FUNC output switching function
●Selectable analog output function

●External input function
●Forced output function
●Accumulated value hold
●Peak/Bottom value display
●Setting of security code
●Keylock function
●Reset to the default settings

●Display with zero cut-off setting
●Selection of display on sub screen
●Analog output free range function
●Error display function
●Copy function
●Power-saving mode

■Simple 3-Step Setting

When the S button is pressed and the set value (P_1) is being displayed, the set value (threshold value) can be set.
When the S button is pressed and the hysteresis (H_1) is being displayed, the hysteresis value can be set.

■Convenient Functions

Copy function

The settings of the master monitor can be copied to the slave monitors.

Secret code setting function

The key locking function keeps unauthorized persons from tampering with the settings.

Power-saving function

Power consumption is reduced by turning off the monitor.

Current consumption*1 Reduction rate*2
25 mA or less Approx. 50% reduction

*1 During normal operation *2 In power-saving mode

External input function

The accumulated value, peak value, and bottom value can be reset remotely.

■Compact & Lightweight

Compact: Max. 6 mm shorter
Lightweight: Max. 5 g lighter (30 g / 25 g)


Bracket configuration allows for mounting in four orientations.

■Application Example

The flow rate of a flow switch installed in a distant place can be confirmed!