3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch PF2MC7□(-L)


・Dry air, N2
・3-color/3-screen display
・A wide range of flow measurement is possible with 1 product.
 Flow ratio 100:1, Smallest settable increment: 1 L/min
・IO-Link compatible

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Technical Data


■3-color/3-screen display

■Expanded flow range

A wide range of flow measurement is possible with 1 product.

■Rotary display

Display can be rotated in increments of 45° to suit the installation conditions. Easy operation, improved visibility


■Bypass structure

Bypass structure with protruding part at the main piping, reduces the contact of moist air with the sensor, reducing degradation of the sensor and maintaining accuracy.

■Response time (Digital filter)


■NPN/PNP switch function

The number of stock items can be reduced.


■Select a digital flow switch to increase energy savings!

Flow control is necessary for promoting energy saving in any application.
Saving energy starts from numerical control of the flow consumption of equipment and lines and clarification of the purpose and effect.

■IO-Link Compatible PF2MC7□-□□-L□-□□□

■3-Screen Display Digital Flow Monitor PFG300 Series

■Flow Switch Flow Rate Variations

■Flow Switch Variations / Basic Performance Table