3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch for PVC Piping PF3W


・Applicable fluids: Deionized water, Chemical liquids, etc.
・3-color/2-screen display
・IP65 compliant, Non-grease type
・Fluid temperature: 0 to 70°C
・PVC pipe O.D.: 25A, 30A

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Technical Data


■Flow range: Line up 250 L type New

■3-color/2-screen display

■Adding Variation

■Temperature sensor and Integrated flow adjustment valve


■3-color display Digital flow monitor

■Rotatable display

Display can be rotated in increments of 45° to suit the installation conditions.
Easy operation, improved visibility.

Counterclockwise 90° Clockwise 225°


■Other Features

IP65 Compliant
Fluid temperature: 0 to 90°C
Ethylene glycol aqueous solution can be used

Example) Flow control of the circulating fluid in a chiller

■Non-grease type