2-Layer Soft Fluoropolymer Tubing TQ


・Carry fluids, such as solvent, with this soft and abrasion-resistant tube
・2-layer structure
 Outer layer: Special nylon resin,
 Inner layer: Special fluoropolymer
・Internal smoothness: Equivalent to Ra 0.02 μm

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Technical Data


■Carries fluid such as solvent with a soft and abrasion resistant tube.

2-layer structure

Outer layer Special nylon resin
Inner layer Special fluoropolymer

■Flexibility Improved by up to 55%*1

Minimum bending radius (Tube close bend radius)
TQ: 9 mm TL: 20 mm
(Fluoropolymer Tubing, Super PFA)

*1. Compared with SMC Fluoropolymer Tubing/TL (ø6 x ø4)

■Reduced to 1/30

Wearing of outer layer tube TQ: 1 mg*2  TL: 30 mg*2 (Fluoropolymer Tubing)

*2. Based on friction test of tubes

■Weight reduced by approximately 44%*3

*3. 2-Layer Soft Fluoropolymer Tubing (TQ): 26.5 g/m
Fluoropolymer Tubing (TL): 47 g/m (o8 x o6)


Automobile, Semiconductor, Food, Medical, Machine tools

■Series Variations