2-Color Display Digital Flow Switch PFMB


・Dry air, N2
・Integrated flow adjustment valve
・Compact, Space saving

∗ The PFMB7201 series was discontinued in September 2021.
 Please select the PF2M721 series.

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Technical Data


■Expanded flow range!

Wide range of flow measurement.

Flow ratio* 100: 1

* Rated flow ratio is 10 : 1 for the current PF2A.

Smallest settable increment: 1 L/min

Current PF2A: 5 L/min (200 L: 2 L/min)

■Compact, Space saving

■Flow adjustment valve is integrated.

■Response time

Can be selected from 50 ms (0.05 s)/ 0.1s/
0.5 s/1.0 s/2.0 s
Response time can be set depending on application.


■3-Screen Display Digital Flow Monitor[NEW]

Allows for the Monitoring of Remote Lines

■Piping variations (200 L type)

■Reversed display mode

When the switch is used upside down, the orientation of the display can be rotated to make it easier to read.


● Output operation
● Display color
● Reference condition
● Display mode
● Response time
● Display OFF mode
● Setting of security code
● External input function

● Forced output function
● Accumulated value hold
● Peak/Bottom value display
● Keylock function
● Analog output free range function
● Reversible display mode
● Reset to the default settings
● Error display function

■Bypass structure

■Digital flow switch to save energy!

Flow control is necessary for promoting energy saving in any application.
Saving energy starts from numerical control of the flow consumption of equipment and lines and clarification of the purpose and effect.

● Digital display allows visualization of flow rate.
● 2-color display, Improved visibility

● Remote control is possible with accumulated pulse.


● Control of purge air flow of ionizer

● Flow control of the air for spray painting

● Flow control of N2 gas to prevent lead frame oxidation
● N2 blow prevents distortion of camera image due to air turbulence.

● Accumulated indication shows the operating flow rate or residual amount (of N2 etc.) in a gas cylinder.


Example of recommended pneumatic circuit

Air quality in the product specification can be satisfied by using this pneumatic circuit.

■Flow Switch Variations

Flow Switch Flow Rate Variations

Flow Switch Variations / Basic Performance Table