Vacuum Pad/Bellows Type (Vacuum Suction Cup) ZP3P-JT


・Adsorption transfer of workpiece with a soft film flexible packaging
・Thin film skirt and special shape rib
・Guide attachment function/5.5-stage
 Acceleration/deceleration: Adsorption transfer possible at 4G
・The pad and attachment are made of materials compliant with
 FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations as well as Food
 Sanitation Act standards.
・Blue colored pad
 Easy to distinguish the vacuum pad by color during contamination inspection

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Technical Data


■For the adsorption transfer of workpieces with flexible soft film packaging

■Unstable workpieces such as bagged liquid or powder can be transferred.

■2.5-stage/Bellows Type

■5.5-stage/Bellows Type

■Standardized built-in One-touch fitting type

Reduced overall length, assembly, and labor time